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Behavioral Health Services

What is Behavorial Health Services?

Behavioral Health Services provides patients with Behavioral Health Specialists (BHS), in their continuum of care. Behavioral Health Specialists are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) with experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. They document in your electronic health record (EHR) and their notes are protected by HIPPA law, just like your medical records. Georgia law requires that LCSW's report allegations of child abuse/neglect or threats of harm to yourself or others.

What will it cost me to see a BHS? 

NGPG’s BHS team are credentialed with most major health insurance companies and, like your doctor, will bill for services provided to you. Most health insurance plans offer behavioral health benefits, but the type of coverage can vary by plan. If you are unsure about the behavioral health benefits your plan offers, call your insurance company before your first appointment. Below are the codes associated with the most commonly provided services.

  • 90791 Intake/assessment (first appointment)
  • 90837 (53+ minutes)
  • 90834 (38-52 minutes)
  • 90832 (16-37 minutes)


What can I expect at my first appointment with a BHS? 

The first session is an assessment to determine your view of the problem and how you want things to be different. It’s important for the BHS to get a clear understanding of how your current symptoms impact things like your relationships, your work, and your general mood. Together, you and your BHS will establish goals for therapy and develop a plan for reaching them. The plan may include returning for weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions, scheduling an appointment with a Psychiatrist, and/or receiving referrals to community providers.


Where are BHS' located? 

All of NGPG’s Behavioral Health Specialists maintain offices inside NGPG Primary Care locations throughout Northeast Georgia. If a BHS is not located at your primary care provider’s office, you will be offered an appointment at the location of your choosing.

How do I connect with a BHS? 

You can contact your Primary Care Physician’s office to ask to be scheduled and your doctor can also refer you to behavioral health services.