Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton offering robot surgery technology

June 15, 2015



A new robot is being used at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton. The robotic system, da Vinci Xi Surgical System, was first used by surgeon Alex Nguyen, MD, in June.

“We’ve performed robotic surgeries at NGMC Gainesville for the past seven years, and this new robot means we can perform the same surgeries better and faster than ever before,” said Dr. Nguyen. “The new design features robotic arms overhead, which gives us access to more of the patient’s body without stopping to reposition the patient or the robot. It’s amazing.”

NGMC Braselton is part of Northeast Georgia Health System, which is just the second healthcare group in the state using the new robotic system.

Like its predecessor, the robotic system is designed for performing minimally-invasive surgery, similar to traditional laparaoscopic surgery. Patients report less pain, smaller scars and faster recovery compared to traditonal surgeries.

Surgeons guide the da Vinci Xi’s robotic arms, equipped with skinny surgical instruments or a camera, into the patient’s abdomen or chest. The device makes it possible to use relatively small incisions, sometimes as small as a dime. Then, using a control box, the surgeon views the camera’s real-time video feed and remotely moves the arms to perform the procedure internally.

Through the expertise of 20 specially trained surgeons on staff, NGMC’s Robotic Surgical Program has successfully treated more than 2,500 patients.

“With the addition of the da Vinci Xi in Braselton, our robotically-trained surgeons can choose which facility is best for each patient,” says Andrew Green, MD, medical director of the Robotic Surgical Program at NGMC. “And having two robots in Gainesville and one in Braselton for use at the same time means we’ll be able to offer the benefits of robotic surgery to more patients when it’s right for them.”