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October 16, 2020

An even bigger election is looming for your employees…

In the year of UFOs, murder hornets, COVID and the unprecedented number of times we’ve heard the word unprecedented what better way to bring 2020 to a close than with an election? However, we are not talking about a political election. The election we speak of is the election of benefits by your employees. Employers often view these benefits only as an expense rather than an opportunity to improve workplace health, safety and stability during these unpreced… unique times, which improves the bottom line.

Healthy employees improve the bottom line …

A Harvard analysis of multiple studies showed that providing your employees with the means to improve and manage their health is a winning business strategy. This analysis found that medical expenses decrease by about $3.27 for each dollar spent on health and wellness programs, and that absenteeism costs decrease by nearly $2.73 for every dollar spent1. Greater access to healthcare leads to earlier identification and treatment of common diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and provides opportunities for preventive services such as vaccination. Better individual health leads to improved work performance and positive business outcomes such as lower turnover, a sustainable company culture and engaged employees. 

Have you counseled your employees?

Businesses who can provide health, wellness and disability benefits would profit from taking time to counsel each employee about the importance of these benefits. Many employees, particularly younger ones, don’t understand that taking deductions from each paycheck is preferable to being hit with much larger bills from an unexpected illness or injury when you’re out of work. Businesses who are unable to provide these benefits or whose employees elect not to take these benefits can still profit from counseling employees about health resources in the community, such as medical clinics that charge fees on a sliding scale or have discounts for those without insurance.

As Occupational Medicine specialists our goal is to partner with employers to promote a healthy workforce. From the initial employment physical to keeping your workforce healthy and safe, our vast network of primary and specialty care providers at Northeast Georgia Physicians Group understands that healthy employees are healthy for business! ​


NGPG Occupational Medicine is conveniently located in Oakwood, which is easily accessible from 985. We offer a variety of services to our local partners in business, industry, and government and are happy to travel to your place of employment, upon request, to deliver most services we offer in the clinic.

Our trained and board-certified providers offer prompt employment evaluations and treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses. We look forward to partnering with you to assist in navigating the complexities of OSHA, Worker's Compensation, DOT physicals and other regulated exams.

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