Additional Services

Dietitian Services

At NGPG, we know athletic performance is directly tied to staying healthy. Our dietician services help athletes meet the nutritional demands of their sport. Working in concert with coaches, athletes and families, our professionals can help each individual identify a nutritional plan that works for their metabolism and health.

By assessing and analyzing dietary practices, body composition and energy usage we help athletes identify optimal nutrition in a variety of athletic phases—from competition to training and recovery. Our dieticians are a great resource for meal and snack planning, supplemental therapies and on-going nutritional support and education.

First Aid Services

Another way we work to improve the health of our community in all we do is by volunteering our time, expertise and resources to provide a first aid tent for community events, school functions, fun runs and competitions.

CPR Training

Our professionals can train groups of teachers, coaches, volunteers, athletes or other interested parties how to successfully perform CPR, in an emergency

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