Why choose a concierge medicine practice?

Published: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Concierge Medicine

As a kid, you probably saw a pediatrician regularly to check on your growth and development. But do you know how important that same type of patient-doctor relationship is as an adult?

Life can be busy as an adult – as you rush around taking care of responsibilities at work and at home. While that adds clutter to your daily schedule, it’s important to still carve out time for checkups with a primary care provider.

You might not be growing and developing like you were as a child, but your health continues to evolve as you get older. Having a primary care provider, or PCP, and seeing that provider regularly can help you keep an eye on your health and what needs to be done to improve it.

Why having a primary care provider is important

When you think about seeking medical care, you probably think about going to the doctor when you’re under the weather or when you’ve hurt yourself. While those are certainly two reasons to see a medical provider, it’s even more important to see a provider when you’re feeling well.

That’s because regular visits with a primary care provider help you build a relationship with that provider, allowing him or her to gain an understanding of your health, your family medical history and your lifestyle. Based on that information, your provider becomes uniquely qualified to help you prevent many different health issues that can come up as you get older.

An annual checkup, for example, allows your provider to ask questions about how you’re feeling, order lab tests to check your blood sugar and cholesterol, check your blood pressure and suggest age-appropriate screening tests, such as a colonoscopy or mammogram. Your PCP can also serve as a quarterback of sorts for your medical care, linking you with specialists like a cardiologist or dermatologist as needed.

How concierge medicine enhances the patient-doctor relationship

Having an established relationship with a PCP is an important step toward protecting your health. But are you looking to take that relationship a bit further?

Enrolling in a concierge medicine program gives you a uniquely enhanced primary care provider relationship. With most medical practices, it can take days or even weeks to get an appointment when you need one. With concierge medicine, same-day or next-day appointments are possible, allowing you to pop in and talk with your provider when you need to do so. When you’re in the office for a visit, you’ll benefit from unhurried appointments and the focused attention of your provider.

When you don’t need an in-person visit but have questions or concerns, you can reach out to our concierge medicine provider, Margaret Grifa, MD, by phone or email – even after office hours and on weekends.

All of these concierge medicine features work together to provide and strengthen the patient-doctor relationship. Ultimately, we work collaboratively to keep you feeling healthy and at your best.

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