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Heartburn & Swallowing Center

Heartburn & Swallowing Center in Braselton
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Heartburn & Swallowing Center in Braselton

Heartburn & Swallowing Center

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  • The Heartburn & Swallowing Center in Braselton offers fully integrated care and expertise in the management of a broad spectrum of esophageal diseases. Our unique practice provides patient evaluation and treatment under our personal guidance, where we perform and interpret testing and apply the results based on an intimate knowledge of each patient's problem.

    When treatment is indicated, we offer the highest quality medical and surgical treatment and follow our patients' progress. The result is an organized, cohesive patient experience, which leads to better understanding of each patient's condition and treatment. Because we can oversee all testing involved at every step of care, we can do a better job of taking care of our patients. We pride ourselves on having well-informed patients who understand their esophageal problem and our treatment plan.

    Casey Graybeal, MD, and Jessica Keller, PA-C, with NGPG Surgical Associates are experts in the field of diagnosing and treating esophageal diseases and are the medical team that helped to found the Heartburn & Swallowing Center.


    Monday – Friday
    8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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