Get 24/7 access to your doctor with Concierge Medicine in Gainesville

Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine has been exploding across the nation lately, and Northeast Georgia Physicians Group is happy to now offer this service to the community. As the group’s first venture into this boutique practice model, we’re looking forward to getting to know our patients on a deeper level and be available to them whenever they need. But maybe you haven’t heard about Concierge Medicine before, or you don’t know what’s included in this VIP type of care. We hope the information below will help to explain it further and answer any questions you might have.

24/7 access to your doctor

There are a lot of different benefits to becoming a patient — or member — of NGPG Concierge Medicine. The one that sticks out most to patients and really attracts them to this kind of care is the 24/7 access to their doctor. During office hours, staff will be as responsive as possible to phone calls and emails, and oftentimes, you’ll actually get a personal response from your doctor during these hours.

But the really appealing part is that when your doctor leaves for the day, they’ll have their cell phone with them at all times – and you’ll have that direct number. If anything comes up and you need to talk to your doctor, they’ll be there. No joke, no gimmick, no strings attached. You have your doctor’s direct number and can call whenever you need. Obviously, we ask that you respect this and only use it when it’s truly needed, but it really is that easy. You call, your doctor listens and then discusses the best next steps for you! No matter where you are, where your doctor is or what time of day it is.

Unhurried office visits

Another big benefit of Concierge Medicine are the unhurried office visits. At a boutique medicine practice like this, your doctor has a smaller patient panel, meaning they see fewer people over the course of a year – and that’s intentional. These unhurried office visits allow your concierge medicine doctor to really sit down and listen to your problems and any concerns you might have. It allows them to ask more follow-up questions and dig into your personal and family history to better understand you and your overall health.

These unhurried visits make a real difference in how you feel as a patient, and how confident your doctor is inc caring for you. It really feels like VIP medicine. Plus, when you call your doctor after hours, they don’t have to think too hard about who you are and try to recall your medical history – they’ll know it because they’ve had the chance to get to know you better at each and every appointment.

Same-day and next-day appointments

On top of those unhurried visits at NGPG Concierge Medicine, you’ll also be able to get same-day and next-day appointments. Sometimes unexpected issues arise, and you may want to be seen quickly. That’s another added benefit of our practice – we’ll most likely be able to fit you in to the schedule so you don’t have to wait weeks to address your health problems.

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Apart from those benefits, you’ll also have shorter wait times in the office, a private waiting area and coordinated hospital care. All of which lead to a healthier and happier experience.

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