Is heart surgery very serious?

Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Cardiothoracic Surgery

It’s a pretty simple question to answer: Yes, heart surgery is serious.

But there are a lot of factors that go into that. Taking care of your heart health in general is a serious issue, and making sure you get the care you need for a heart health condition is also a serious matter. Your heart, after all, keeps your body functioning.

When heart surgery is recommended, that recommendation is made based on a careful and thoughtful consideration of many things, including the heart condition you’re dealing with and your overall health. The actual heart surgery procedure, while serious, is also quite safe. That’s the most important message we can share with you.

Is heart surgery necessary to treat my condition?

That’s a question best answered by your cardiologist and other members of your care team, including a cardiothoracic surgeon or other specialists. While heart surgery may be recommended to treat your health condition, there are nonsurgical treatment options available for many heart health issues.

When you receive care through the Georgia Heart Institute, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible treatment options for your specific health needs. Through our partnership with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG), we’re able to provide a full spectrum of treatment options, including surgical and nonsurgical treatment.

Your care team will create a personalized treatment plan for you, guided by ongoing research to identify the most advanced and appropriate treatment options. We also use a collaborative approach to care, meaning multiple specialists will be involved in determining your best path forward, whether that involves heart surgery or not.

You’ll be involved in treatment decisions as well. Georgia Heart Institute providers talk with patients and their families about their goals for treatment and life after treatment, along with any questions they have. This can help identify the optimal type of treatment, whether that’s an advanced catheter-based procedure, an open surgery, or a robotic surgery.

The ultimate goal is for patients to feel better and live longer.

Will I Be OK after heart surgery?

Outcomes after heart surgery vary, depending on the severity of the medical condition and the type of procedure. Undergoing an emergency heart surgery, for example, can be more serious than having a scheduled procedure done.

In general, though, heart surgery outcomes are very good, particularly when a heart surgery is performed at a hospital with a commitment to excellence, like Georgia Heart Institute. When you undergo a heart procedure, you want to choose a heart surgeon with expertise in the specific procedure and ample experience in performing that procedure.

NGPG heart surgeons have years of experience performing intricate and advanced procedures, including robotic heart surgery. This surgical experience is backed by advanced equipment and comprehensive care offerings, including a dedicated cardiovascular intensive care unit.

The care you receive doesn’t end after your surgery is complete, either. In The Ronnie Green Heart Center, a dedicated team of care providers will carefully monitor your health in the hours and days after surgery. Once you’re discharged to home, your recovery continues with cardiopulmonary rehabilitation sessions designed to keep your heart healthy for the long run.

All of these factors combine together to produce positive outcomes after heart surgery and good health in the years to come. That’s the difference a comprehensive heart health program can make.

Next Steps

When your heart’s at stake, you can depend on the experts at Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery and Georgia Heart Institute. The cardiothoracic surgery team is here to guide you to better heart health, during surgery and beyond.