Treatment Options

Radiation Therapy Clinical Trials

Providing access to progressive new therapies and the latest treatments available worldwide

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, (IMRT)

An intense, controlled dose of radiation that allows treatment in sensitive areas

Image Guided Radiation Therapy, (IGRT)

Enabling physicians to pinpoint certain tumors with greater accuracy just prior to each treatment

High Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Involves temporarily inserting the source of radiation directly at or very near the tumor site which limits the amount of healthy tissue exposed to radiation.

Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Including prostate seed implants, radioactive implants that treat prostate cancer in a single treatment procedure

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Highly precise and intense treatment given over a shorten treatment course.


These individuals make certain that radiation oncology patients are receiving the nutrition they need to strengthen their bodies as well as Chaplain Services andSupport Groups to care for the mind and spirit.


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