Welcome to Your Medical Home

At Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, our primary care practices act as your Patient-Centered Medical Home. This model of care strengthens your relationship with your primary care provider by replacing occasional appointments with coordinated care and lifelong healing relationships.

What is Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient-Centered Medical Home is a team approach to comprehensive, high quality health care. You, the patient, are at the center of your healthcare team. Caring for you is the most important job of your medical home. Doctors, advanced practitioners, licensed nurses, certified medical assistants and care managers are all responsible for coordinating your care. They will help you get healthy and stay healthy; care for you when you are sick; and ensure you receive the care and services that are right for you.

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How does this benefit me?

Your Medical Home cares for all your chronic and acute medical needs and focuses on overall wellness, early detection and early intervention. Regularly scheduled office visits allow us to better help you identify and manage any chronic health problems you may have. Being proactive about your health care helps avoid or delay the onset of future health problems.

We firmly believe, based on our experience, that patients who consistently keep appointments and follow the agreed-upon health plan have less acute illness, less difficulty with unstable chronic illnesses and generally continue to enjoy better overall health.

Your Medical Home Provides Care that is:

We guide your entire healthcare journey from annual physicals to treating chronic illnesses to recovering from major accidents, and more.

We are the hub that links together your care from specialists, emergency rooms, urgent cares and hospitals.

We build collaborative and busting relationships built on listening to you and understanding your needs.

You are assigned your personal care coordinator, and you have access to your medical information through an online patient portal.

We care what you think, which is why you always have the opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey, and we improve with your input.