Congratulations to our Employee, APP and Physician of the Month winners for September 2023!

Published: Thursday, September 28, 2023

Eric Bohn, MD

Physician of the Month

Dr. Eric Bohn is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, specializing and board certified in Family Medicine. He earned his medical degree from Augusta University.

Dr. Bohn has been with NGPG for almost three decades. He’s dedicated to the group and each patient he sees. Many patients have been going to him for years and usually say they never want to see another physician. He will always see patients who come in, without complaint. His attention to detail is one of the most impressive traits about him, as he always goes the extra mile to get to the bottom of health problems. It all goes back to caring for his patients and ensuring they’re healthy for the days to come.

Trinell Robertson, FNP

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month

Trinell Robertson is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing in Occupational Medicine. Trinell obtained her clinical education from Kennesaw State University and is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

Trinell is someone who everyone the practice looks up to. She leads well, and she teaches others every chance she gets. If a mistake is made, she uses it as a learning opportunity instead of making the person feel bad. And that kind of attitude carries over to the way she treats her patients.

She goes above and beyond for patients, understanding that her work is often the last step between someone and their employment. Whether she has good or bad news to share with patients, she always does it with empathy and works with them on next steps, so they don’t feel like they’re on their own. Her dedication to her job is something to be admired.

Laura Burns

Employee of the Month

Laura is the resource pool manager, which some say is one of the toughest managerial roles with NGPG. She has to be available seven days a week and is often reaching out to employees on nights and weekends to make sure NGPG has the right resources on hand to care for patients. Even though her schedule is non-stop, she always has a cheerful attitude and is willing to help in any way she can. She’s a mentor to many and wants to see her staff and NGPG succeed.