Congratulations to our Employee, APP and Physician of the Month winners for May 2024! 

Published: Friday, May 31, 2024

Sahithi Sangapu, MD

Physician of the Month

Dr. Sahithi Sangapu is a board-certified family medicine provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group. She earned her medical degree from MS Ramaiah Medical College and completed her family medicine residency at JFK University Medical Center.

Dr. Sangapu truly cares about her patients. She listens to them and answers their questions thoughtfully and completely. She is able to address their needs on a physical and emotional level because she makes it a priority to get to know her patients personally. She treats each one with respect, while also doing the same for her colleagues around the office.

Dr. Sangapu supports the other providers and staff without hesitation and is wiling to step in whenever she’s needed. Whenever patients or staff leave an interaction with Dr. Sangapu, they know they’ve been heard and they know she’s done everything she can to help them.

Nathan Marsh, PA

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month 

Nathan Marsh is a board-certified physician assistant with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, specializing in Orthopedic Surgery. Nathan obtained his clinical education from South University.

Patients love the care Nathan provides. They oftentimes request to see him for their next appointment after they encounter his care for the first time. He cares deeply about his patients and wants to ensure their well-being whenever they’re in the office. He has a way of creating relationships with patients so they know he cares for them and wants to see them well.

On top of the way he handles patients, he’s also a hard worker in general. He’s always jumping in to help, even though it might not be his job. He always has a positive attitude around the office and goes above and beyond to help the staff.

Megan Pruitt, RN

Employee of the Month 

Megan is one of the people who holds things together in Urgent Care. She’s respectful, patient and polite with patients, but always gets the job done. The way she treats her patients makes the job easier for everyone around, and ensures the patient has a good experience and is cared for. She goes the extra mile without even trying and does it without complaining.

She’s a role model and leader for the staff in the office and is committed to helping them in any way she can. Her positive attitude is contagious. Even though things in Urgent Care can sometimes get hectic, she’s a calm and solid presence that everyone leans on.