Congratulations to our Employee, APP and Physician of the Month winners for November 2023!

Published: Monday, December 11, 2023

Mark Moers, MD

Physician of the Month

Dr. Mark Moers is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing and board certified in Family Medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of South Alabama Medical Center and completed his family medicine residency at Franklin Square Hospital Center.

Dr. Moers comes to work every day, showing through his actions, that he cares about each person he interacts with. Not only is he kind and compassionate to patients – he’s that way toward staff as well. Even though things can get busy in the NGPG Dahlonega family medicine office, he always takes the time needed with each patient and never makes them feel rushed.

As a longtime NGPG physician, Dr. Moers has helped shape the way the office looks today. He’s helped mentor and train staff so they can care for patients well. He encourages and pushes each employee to do their best, and you can see that in the way patients respond.

Lindsay Pinion, PA

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month

Lindsay Pinion is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing in Urgent Care. Lindsay obtained her clinical education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is a board-certified Physician Assistant.

Lindsay has been at NGPG Urgent Care in Braselton for 8 years and has seen many changes during that time. Even so, she’s been a constant in the clinic and has always been someone others can lean on. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was seeing more than 125 patents on some days outside in the parking lot under a tent.

During that time, she never complained and was a trusted team player. Back then, she would work extra shifts to help out. Still today, she’ll work extra shifts or even swap shifts with providers at other Urgent Care locations. She never wants the recognition, but these things do not go unnoticed.

Patients and staff love that she comes to work with a smile and a can-do attitude, and it’s reflected in comments we hear from them every day.

Evelyn Bell, CMA

Employee of the Month

Evelyn has been a crucial support for the Infections Disease outpatient clinic. Without her, the clinic wouldn’t be what it is. She’s worked it by herself for a few months and has trained three of the new staff members that have come on since. That’s just one way she’s shown that she doesn’t mind going the extra mile to help. She has truly made an impact on the team.

Evelyn never complains, even though she’s often doing jobs that aren’t necessarily her responsibility. She jumps in whenever she can and goes above expectations every day. She’s patient and available for

anyone to ask a question. And if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll quickly find out. Her dedication to her team and to NGPG is commendable and a great example for others.