Congratulations to our Employee of the Month winners for December 2022!

Published: Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Kaitlyn Vann, DO

Physician of the Month

Dr. Kaitlyn Vann is a board-certified physician with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) specializing in Family Medicine. She earned her medical degree from Lincoln Memorial University.

Dr. Kaitlyn Vann is selfless, kind and inspirational to everyone around her. The entire office adores her kindred spirit! It’s not every day that you have a provider who wants to sit with staff and ask how their weekend was or reaches out when we are having a hard time or sickness. She is here for the community and truly wants to serve. She treats everyone like family and pays attention to details.  When there is an emergency in the office, she takes lead by showing strength, serenity, healthy self-worth and self-control. Our patients are comfortable with her and she is consistently complimented on how she breaks things down for better understanding.  She is a primary example of what NGHS stands for and we are so lucky to have her.

Cindy Brand, PA

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month

Cindy Brand is a physician assistant with NGPG Urgent Care in Dawsonville. She obtained her clinical education from Emory University.

Cindy exemplifies our core values every day with her patients and co-workers. She shows a passion for excellence by spending time answering all patient questions, being accessible to staff regardless of her work schedule and diving deep for patient care by perusing all avenues of care for her patients.  The Urgent care staff always looks forward to working with her.

Theresa McCleskey

Employee of the Month

Theresa McCleskey is the practice manager for NGPG Pulmonology. She is new to the organization and has already made a positive impact in just a few short months. Beyond her great personality, she has taken ownership of the practice and strives for improvement.  With her efforts, Pulmonology is on a track for success! She takes care of her employees, physicians and patients. We can always count on her to jump in and help. We are fortunate to have her!