Start your weight loss journey today

Start your weight loss journey today

Your first step is to attend a free, no-obligation seminar to learn more about obesity and the available treatment options. We offer these seminars in-person and on our website because we believe making sure you are well-informed is one of the most important aspects of your successful long-term weight loss.

Please contact your insurance company to determine if Bariatrics is a covered benefit under your current policy and if there is a requirement for medically supervised weight management.

What's ahead of me?

The length of time spent in the program is determined by your insurance and the surgeon. The typical time frame is 6 months. Here are some initial steps you'll take to get started:

Step 1: Watch or Attend a Bariatric Seminar

About this step

The Bariatric Seminar is a requirement for everyone entering the program. The information presented will help you understand the impact of morbid obesity on your body and how losing significant weight can improve your overall health and wellbeing. The seminar also reviews contemporary surgical treatment so you can understand your options before your first appointment. These sessions are an opportunity to get to know our bariatric team and surgeon before you make an appointment.

Watch online or attend in-person

You can choose to either watch the seminar online or attend in person. If you choose to watch the seminar online, you'll move through some questions to answer as you watch along. To get started, complete the short form you see on this page.

In-person meeting locations and schedule:

These meetings are offered in Gainesville and Braselton:

1075 Jesse Jewell Pkwy SE Suite B,
Gainesville, GA 30501
1400 River Place,
Braselton, GA 30517

Education Room, Ground Floor

Click here to view the current schedule.


Who hosts the meeting?
Our NGPG Bariatric Coordinator

How many people generally attend?
It varies at every meeting, but generally 2-10 people are in attendance

How long is the seminar?
Approximately 1 hour

Can I bring my kids or spouse?
You are welcome to bring a spouse or another person for support. Please do not bring children to this seminar.

Can I show up without scheduling an appointment first?
Yes, you may show up without registering for the seminar. However, for planning purposes we strongly recommend you register in advance.

Step 2: Attend Jump Start Class

About this step

After you watch or attend the Bariatrics Seminar, you'll attend our Jump Start class. In Jump Start, we'll introduce you to our team, walk through the program and dietary requirements, and talk about the resources and benefits to you throughout your journey.


Who teaches the class?
Our NGPG Bariatric Coordinator and our NGPG BMI Dietician

Where is the class held?
The class is offered both in Gainesville and Braselton.

What is the classroom setting like?
This is a standard conference room with a table and chairs.

How long is the class?
Approximately 3 hours

Should I bring supplies?
No - supplies are not needed. Pens will be provided.

Can I bring my kids or spouse?
You are welcome to bring a spouse or another person for support. Please do not bring children to this class.

Step 3: Your First Appointment

About this step

At this consultation appointment, you will meet with the surgeon to discuss your situation, allowing you to ask questions directly with the surgeon. You will also meet with the dietitian and discuss your current nutritional status.


How long is this appointment?
This appointment will be about 1 hour. You will meet with the surgeon and dietitian for approximately 30 minutes each.

What kinds of questions will they ask me?
Topics discussed include your medical history, weight loss history, programs attended, and nutritional status.

What should I bring with me?
Please bring the New Patient paperwork, as well as a pen and paper should you decide to take notes.

Do I need to fill out paperwork beforehand?
Yes. Please complete the New Patient packet in its entirety before your appointment.

Step 4: Final Screenings & Approvals

Sleep Apnea Screening

If you currently wear a CPAP/BIPAP machine, you must be compliant with use during the entire program. A CPAP/BIPAP report is required when submitting a surgical request to insurance.

The Sleep Apnea Screening is performed in a sleep specialist's office or sleep lab. During your consultation appointment, the specialist will answer such questions as:

  • Where does this take place?
  • In what kind of setting is the screening performed?
  • Should I bring a pillow or pajamas?
  • How do I prepare for this?
  • How long does the screening take?
  • Who should I bring with me?

Cardiology or Pulmonology Clearance (if needed)

Is there an appointment where my clearance is reviewed?
The clearance is performed by a Cardiologist/Pulmonologist at that appointment. A clearance is a letter stating whether or not that specialist deems you fit for surgery.

What happens after clearance?
The clearance letter is added to all the other paperwork that is needed for surgery submission.

What does this mean for my weight loss journey?
You are one step closer to being submitted and receiving a surgery date!