Bariatric Events

Jumpstart!  Bariatric Weight Loss Seminars

We offer two tracks to help patients take their first step in their weight loss journey. You can choose to either attend a free, no obligation in-person meeting or watch our online seminar to learn more about obesity and the treatment options available to you. 

In-person Meeting

Free, in-person, public information meetings are offered to help you get started on your journey. At these sessions you will learn more about morbid obesity’s impact on overall individual health and contemporary surgical treatment options available at NGPG Surgical Associates.

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Online Seminars

We also offer an online seminar because we believe making sure patients are well-informed is one of the most important aspects of your successful long-term weight loss. The information presented will help you understand the impact of morbid obesity on your body and how losing significant weight can improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

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Support Programs

Our program considers support group meetings to be a vital factor for a successful bariatric patient. Peer support meetings allow you to learn first-hand from others who have had weight loss surgery.

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