Depression Treatment

Depression is a very common mental issue that affects more than 250 million people worldwide. If you are suffering from depression, it can be challenging to navigate day-to-day life and you may lose interest in activities that used to bring you joy. But it’s important to remember that depression isn’t a weakness and seeking out support can help you get better.

Why Choose NGPG Behavioral Health

No matter where you are on your mental health journey, our Behavioral Health Specialists can help. Our team at NGPG Behavioral Health provides counseling using evidence-based treatment to support people struggling with depression and other mood disorders. We are connected to a comprehensive network of resources and services across the continuum of care, including psychiatrists and primary care providers.

We know each person’s journey is unique, and patients may need varying levels of help, so we will work with you closely to develop a customized plan that helps you live your healthiest life.

Our Focus Areas

Our team can help you manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety and grief as well as other mood disorders

Clinical diagnosis

Our team can help assess your mental state, provide a clinical diagnosis, if needed, and provide treatment that is shown to be effective in helping to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing. Our team can also refer you to a psychiatrist for additional help if needed.

Major depressive disorder

Also referred to as clinical depression, major depressive disorder is a serious condition that can negatively impact your day-to-day life.

Persistent depressive disorder

Long-term or chronic depression often requires ongoing psychotherapy and medication. For some people, they may experience this as a constant feeling of pessimism, irritability or gloominess, but this condition can be treated and improved with psychotherapy and medication.

Postpartum depression and perinatal depression

This form of depression, experienced by expectant or new moms shortly after giving birth, is very common and often misunderstood. Through our wrap-around approach to care at NGPG, we can work with your family medicine and OBGYN physician to ensure your needs are met and you can enjoy this special time in life.

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