Congratulations to our Employee of the Month Winners for June 2022!

Published: Monday, June 20, 2022

Eric Marsh, MD

Physician of the Month​
NGPG Hospital Medicine

Dr. Eric Marsh is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing in Hospital Medicine. He earned his medical degree from Augusta University and is board certified in Internal Medicine.

Even though working through the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough, it brought out the greatest leadership in Dr. Marsh and his team. They were dedicated to their job and worked around the clock to ensure their teams and patients were taken care of. Oftentimes, this meant they had to take on more patients and even work extra days. All of this kept them from their own families, but Dr. Marsh and his team did it with a smile and without complaint. Watching this team lead during the most difficult time not only inspired those around them, but it made them all stronger so everyone could make it through the COVID-19 surges.

Tina Campbell, FNP

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month

Tina Campbell is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing in Family Medicine. She obtained her clinical education from the University of North Georgia and is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

Tina comes into work every day with the health system’s core values on full display. She is compassionate with all of her patients – which range is a wide range of ages. She’s also always thinking of the patient first, and how she can strive to make them better, all the while keeping patient safety at the top of mind. Aside from aiming for quality patient care, Tina is the a great colleague to those around her. She helps others grow in their profession, helping them along the way, if needed, and is willing to push them to be the best they can be.

Natalie Rowe

Employee of the Month

Natalie Rowe is a practice manager with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Surgical Associates, as well as Vascular Center. She always goes above and beyond to make sure her staff have everything they need. She is hardworking and dedicated to the patients that come into the office every single day. She’s compassionate, thoughtful and is always helping to resolve any issues that arise. Her positive, upbeat attitude is contagious and makes those around her better.