Congratulations to our Employee of the Month Winners for May 2022!

Published: Friday, May 27, 2022

Dr. Navneeth Bongu

Physician of the Month​
NGPG Pulmonology

I want to recognize Dr. Bongu.  I was on a bench outside the South Tower tonight after the GME White coat ceremony when a family member of a patient came out to share the bench while she waited for the sister to get the car from the other side of the parking lot.  She was worried about her brother and visibly short of breath with the minimal exertion. She identified her problem of having recurrent fluid on the chest and said Dr. Bongu was a terrific doctor and that she periodically would come in and he would meet her at the hospital to help drain her chest fluid to assist her breathing. I was expecting to hear that she had recurrent appts with interventional radiology or with ER or even in the office, but she says Dr. Bongu comes personally over to do it at the hospital, and she was super grateful .  She also sang praises about his kindness and caring demeanor as well. She was a grateful patient for sure. It was quite a unique moment as this patient who probably needed to conserve every breath spent no shortage of air speaking about DR. Bongu on that park bench.  I think Dr. Bongu should be recognized for that wonderful patient service and #RespectfulCompassion and #PassionforExcellence to help this patient.  Thanks for improving the health of our community!

Joslin John, FNP

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month
NGPG Flowery Branch

Joslin is a very compassionate caregiver.  Her patients love her and often remark on her genuine kindness as they leave the office.  Joslin always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her patients.  Her interactions with co-workers are warm and sincere.  She creates an environment of acceptance – making sure everyone around her feels valued.  She is a hard worker, conscientiously meeting all her provider requirements.  She has a positive outlook every day and does everything with a smile.  We recently received this letter from a patient:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care you have given me. You have been a true blessing in my life. Your empathy, compassion, knowledge and kindness have really touched me and helped me beyond words at this time in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. I wish nothing but love and happiness for you and your family.

We are so fortunate to have her at NGPG Flowery Branch.  She just makes every day brighter!

Amanda McDaniel, LPN

Employee of the Month
NGPG Urgent Care

When the first thing a patient wants to tell you when you walk into a room is how wonderful their nurse is, you know you are working with someone special.  This has happened many times over the years working with Amanda.  She is warm, welcoming, and always willing to help.  Covid-19 for urgent care was overwhelming, but when it felt like we had no more to give, Amanda would offer a kind word or just spend a few more moments with a patient that needed reassurance.  She makes everyone around her better.  She leads by example and brings her best every day.  There is no one in this network that deserves this recognition more than she does!