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Hernia Surgery & Repair

Hernia Surgery & Repair

The physicians and staff of NGPG Surgical Associates are here to provide you with expert care with a compassionate touch. Our surgeons have decades of experience diagnosing and treating hernias. 

Treatment Options

The only way to treat a hernia is with surgery. There are a number of surgical options available, which your surgeon will discuss with you based on your specific case. Because our physicians perform surgeries at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, they have access to the latest technologies to minimize pain, reduce recovery time and improve outcomes.

  • Open surgery
  • Laproscopic hernia repair
  • Robotic hernia repair - using the da Vinci Surgical System, we can offer improved outcomes and reduced recovery 

Why Choose NGPG?

Our experienced team of surgeons have performed thousands of hernia repairs, and some of our doctors are even pioneers in this field. With six locations across norttheast Georgia, NGPG Surgical Associates offers the ability to schedule a consultation and your follow-up appointments close to home, while having access to leading-edge technologies at Northeast Georgia Medical Center for your surgery.

Schedule an Appointment

Whether you have been diagnosed by your primary care doctor with a hernia or you are experiencing abdominal pain you believe may be a hernia, you can schedule an appointment with NGPG. To schedule an appointment for a hernia consultation, please call us today at 770-219-9200 or use the form on this page.