Hernia Surgery Recovery

We understand that every patient has individual circumstances and we partner with you to make an informed decision on the different paths you can take towards recovery.

What you can expect

At NGPG Surgical Associates, you can expect a team of compassionate experts who will give you the best treatment, and care for you like a family member. We will work with you to develop a recovery plan tha tfits your body and life.

During Open Surgery …

  • You will receive anesthesia to not feel the surgery.
  • Our team will place intestinal tissue back in its proper place and cover the opening with mesh to prevent future hernias.
  • Once repaired, the opening will be closed with stitches.

On average, our patients are off all pain medications 2 weeks after surgery.

Robotic Surgery

To provide you with the optimal recovery and healing, we use robotic repair to create minimal entrance into your body.

If your hernia is the right fit for robotic surgery, the NGPG Provider performing the operation will be looking at a 3D monitor by your side and making the tiniest incisions possible. The camera that is guiding them will be magnifying your hernia for their eyes.

Average Open Surgery Incision: 5-6 inches

Average Robotic Surgery Incision: 1/2 inch