Eye Infections, Pink Eye & Allergies

Whether you’re dealing with seasonal allergies or an eye infection, like pink eye or a stye, NGPG Urgent Care is here to help.  Prompt treatment can help you feel better faster, but it also may be important to ensure that your eye discomfort isn’t a symptom of a larger underlying problem. For eye problems, we offer convenient virtual care or in-person care, depending on your preference.

Eye care online or in person

Hop on an on-demand video visit from the comfort of your own home and have a qualified urgent care provider take a look at your eye. From there, they can help prescribe medication or an in-home treatment to ensure you’re feeling better faster. For those who prefer in-person care, view our wait times and let us know you’re on the way! We’ll save your spot.

What are the signs and symptoms of pink eye?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the lining of the eye and eyelid. It may be caused by a bacterial infection, viral infection or allergies. Adults and children can get pink eye, although its more common in children.

Symptoms of pink eye include:

  • Redness within the eye or around the eyelid
  • Itchiness
  • Tearing and discharge
  • Crusty build up around the eyes

What are the signs and symptoms of a stye?

A stye is a blocked gland in your eyelid. When the gland remains blocked, bacteria can build up, causing redness, pain and swelling due to infection. Our NGPG Urgent Care team can confirm whether you’re experiencing a stye and recommend a safe care routine to treat the stye. If necessary, they may prescribe antibiotics to treat infection. Do not attempt to pop or squeeze a stye because this can cause further infection.

What are the signs and symptoms of eye problems from allergies?

Allergies can be caused by pollen, pet dander, dust mites, strong perfumes, foods and more. If you have allergies, they can create a reaction in your eyes at any time, causing discomfort and making it difficult to do day-to-day activities. Common symptoms of eye allergies include:

  • Eye redness and itching
  • Excessive tearing
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye swelling

Depending on the severity of your allergies, an NGPG Urgent Care provider may consider antihistamines, steroids, eye drops or other treatments to help provide relief.

Get treated for eye problems today with NGPG

If you are experiencing problems with your eyes and think you may have pink eye, allergies, or another type of eye infection, trust NGPG for medical treatment. Our providers are happy to treat you online via an On-Demand Video Visit, or in person at one of our multiple locations throughout Northeast Georgia.