5 Ways to Get Involved with Obesity Care Week

Published: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

by: Anna H. Powell, MD

Obesity affects more than 800 million people worldwide and annually, over 30% of healthcare costs are spent treating obesity related conditions! There are 230 diseases and disorders linked to obesity. Can you believe over half of people with obesity have never spoken to their healthcare provider about it? By 2030, over 50% of older adults will be affected by obesity if no change is made today.

At Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, we are passionate about increasing awareness of obesity and helping our patients find the right weight loss solution to meet their goals.

Obesity Care Week (OCW) was founded in 2015 to share a global vision for a society that respects the complexities of obesity and values clinically based care for those suffering from obesity. Everyone can make a difference during Obesity Care Week. Here are five ways you can get involved:

  1. Work together for happier, healthier and longer lives.
    800 million people world-wide are living with obesity, and the medical consequences of obesity will cost over $1 trillion by 2025 (over 30% of annual healthcare costs). Support your loved ones on their weight loss journey and let them know how much it will mean to you if they support you on your journey.
  2. Be part of the solution to stop weight bias.
    Don’t hold negative views towards people who are overweight. Studies show that individuals affected by obesity are more likely to be stigmatized if their condition is perceived to be caused by controllable factors such as overeating (versus a thyroid condition etc.) AND if obesity is perceived to be a condition of personal choice rather than a serious health condition.  Remember: obesity is a complex disease that can have several causes including genetics, behavioral, economic and environmental factors. Don’t allow a person’s weight to influence the way they are treated.
  3. Ask your insurance provider about coverage.
    Most insurance plans offer some coverage for medical care that aids in weight loss. In addition, Northeast Georgia Medical Center offers special payment plans for patients who opt to have weight loss surgery and self-pay discounts. Our team will explain our payment plans and help you learn what your insurance will cover.
  4. Help your child succeed in becoming healthier.
    Did you know some surveys have found that parents of teens find it more difficult to talk about weight with their child than talking about sex, drugs, alcohol or smoking? Globally, there are 124 million children and adolescents, who are affected by obesity, and childhood obesity is expected to increase by 60% over the next decade, increasing the number of children affected to 250 million by 2030. Our team offers treatment for the pediatric population between the ages of 12 and 17.
  5. Start your weight loss journey today.
    No matter how much weight you’d like to lose, the NGPG Bariatric and Metabolic Institute team can help determine the best way to reach your goal. We offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to weight loss and improved health, including both surgical and non-surgical options.

Next Steps

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