Congratulations to our February Employee of the Month Winners!

Published: Monday, February 28, 2022

Audrey Huff, MD

Physician of the Month​

Dr. Huff is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing in Family Medicine. She earned her medical degree from Augusta University in 2002 and is board certified in Family Medicine.

She leads many activities related to quality patient care and exemplifies a passion for excellence in her work every day. She’s a part of the Patient Safety Council Population Health Subcommittee and the CIN Clinical Quality Committee, showing she’s always looking to help and improve her own work as well as the work of those around her.

Her colleagues say she is kind and gracious, yet firm in moving NGPG’s value-based care agenda forward. She communicates well and leads with passion.

Julie Thach, FNP

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month

Julie Thach is a provider with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group specializing in Family Medicine. Julie obtained her clinical education from University of Alabama at Birmingham and is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Julie oftentimes goes above and beyond, putting extra detail into referrals and making sure the office understands the need, sharing specifics that will help the patient receive the best care possible. She is caring and always ensures her patients come first. Her colleagues say she’s a person who prefers to work in the shadows and not receive the attention – which speaks volumes about her character and the kind of provider she is.

Amy Mathis

Employee of the Month

Amy Mathis is a Staff Development Educator with NGPG’s Staff Development department.

In her role, Amy has been instrumental in developing, training and helping all of the clinical staff at NGPG for quite some time. The level of education that is taught is top-notch and continues to help workflow which in turn benefits patients. She’s constantly striving to work on and improve processes that are already in place and is always open to feedback. She’s patient and kind and determined. If there doesn’t seem to be a solution, she’ll figure it out. She is dedicated to her team and NGPG and her colleagues say it’s contagious.

She’s always willing to help and do more than is required of her. She’s dependable as a leader, coworker and friend to all.