Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month Winners!

Published: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Dr. James Reeves – NGPG Vascular Surgery

Physician of the Month​

Dr. James Reeves should be the poster child for respectful compassion. He makes sure every single patient feels comfortable in our office. He engages with them in conversation about their hobbies and interests. He truly cares about the actual person and not just the medical condition he is treating them for. If surgery is needed, he explains it to the patient in detail and answers their questions, doing his best to put them at ease before leaving our office. Our patients comment all the time that Dr. Reeves feels like part of their family!

Rebecca Durham, FNP – NGPG Family Medicine

Advanced Practice Provider of the Month

Rebecca Durham takes whatever time is needed to make sure our patients are receiving the best care and that their concerns are addressed. She is persistent in getting to the root cause of their problem. Rebecca is very passionate and shows lots of empathy to her patients, so much so that she has patients drive from long distances just to see her because of the care she provides. I have even witnessed her crying for patients that she was unable to help get better. She has such a big heart!

Sandy Lanphear

Employee of the Month

Sandy Lanphear is 100% here to please patients and make the hospital a better place! She is a true leader and example to follow. She not only cares for her employees, but she also strives to provide a satisfactory patient experience. She makes sure we bring our a-game to work every day, even on the difficult days she is pushing us give our best. Here is an example of how she cares… It’s a Friday night and Sandy was leaving the hospital and noticed a patient sitting outside on a bench waiting for their ride. Sandy sat down and waited with the patient. After an hour, the ride never showed up so Sandy called an Uber and paid for this patient to have a ride home!