Athletic Training Program

When an athlete is injured on the field, an athletic trainer is the first responder who assesses injuries and saves families money by eliminating unnecessary emergency room or physician visits. Immediate care for such injuries, including concussion and heat related illnesses, can reduce short and long-term pain and quality of life issues.

Meet our Athletic Trainers

Part of your team

With the recent explosion of school sports and the increase in student participation, both for schools and other athletic organizations, on-site healthcare providers have never been more important. Every athletic organization should have athletic trainers as an integral part of its sports safety program, yet only 42% of the nation’s high schools have an athletic trainer. We are working to ensure that every local school or organization, despite economic barriers, has access to this kind of care. We want to be sure an athletic trainer is a part of your team.

Rounding out an athletic organization’s healthcare team, our athletic trainers work with one of NGPG’s licensed orthopedic or sports medicine physicians in connection with athletic directors, administrators, coaches and families. Our athletic trainers are at the schools each day, on the field at the games and assisting at practices where we are honored to be part of the team.

Program services

Our athletic trainers can:

  • Manage emergency medical situations—when other healthcare providers are not available
  • Work with athletes to prepare for competitions and practices
  • Develop and implement action plans for emergency situations
  • Inspect the safety of equipment and playing conditions
  • Assist with conditioning and injury prevention exercises and programs
  • Implement treatment and rehabilitation programs for injured athletes
  • Determine when athletes are ready to play
  • Act as the first responder when acute or catastrophic injuries occur

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