Pediatric Sick Visits

When your child is sick, your priority is getting the best care as quickly as you can. At Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, our board-certified pediatricians offer comprehensive care, connected with a broader network of specialists and advanced technology.

If your child needs advanced diagnostics or care, we have a broad referral network where your child’s pediatrician can coordinate care with a specialty provider.


Does my NGPG Pediatrics office take walk-ins?

Our offices do not take walk-ins. Please call in advance to discuss our availability. If you have an issue that is too urgent to schedule an appointment, please go to NGPG Urgent Care or your local NGMC emergency room. Please note that our urgent cares only treat patients aged six months and up. 

Can I get a same day appointment for my sick child?

Many of our offices offer same-day and next-day appointments. We also offer video visits if you’d prefer to consult with a provider from home. Please call your NGPG Pediatrics practice location today and describe the symptoms you are seeing.

When should I take my child to urgent care instead?

Your pediatrician can treat many of the same issues as urgent care. Please call your NGPG Pediatrician to see if a same-day appointment is available. If you are concerned that your child needs to be seen sooner, you can view wait times and check in to one of our urgent cares right now. Please note that urgent care only sees patients who are six months and older.

When should I take my child to the emergency room?

Ultimately, you are the best judge of whether you child needs emergency care or if they would be best suited for a same-day or telemedicine pediatrics appointment. Here are some situations where we’d recommend going to an ER instead of your pediatrician’s office:

  • Serious injuries or trauma, such as heavy bleeding, compound fractures, deep wounds, severe burns
  • Severe difficulty with normal functions, including difficulty catching breathe, sudden loss of sight or movement, inability to wake or rise
  • Persistent racing heartbeat not related to moderate physical activity
  • High fever – above 100.4 degrees in an infant 3 months or younger, above 102.2 in a child older than 4 months
  • Severe dehydration
  • Severe allergic reactions
My NGPG Pediatrics office is closed. Is there a practitioner I can call after hours or on the weekend?

We offer access to an afterhours pediatrician on the weekends and after practices close and video visits during office hours. Call your normal NGPG Pediatrics practice number and your call will be routed to the answering service to connect you with the physician on call.

Why Choose NGPG Pediatrics?

Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Pediatrics offers high quality comprehensive care and ongoing developmental care for children. Our board-certified pediatricians are compassionate and have deep expertise at providing care and identifying any issues or developmental delays.

As one of the largest physicians groups in the state, connected with Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s wider network of care, we ensure that your child has access to specialty care should they need it in order to diagnose or care for any health challenges identified along the way.

Request an Appointment

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