Pediatric Well Visits

Well visits are a regularly scheduled check-up where your child’s pediatrician will check to ensure that your child is healthy and meeting key development milestones. For newborns and young children, well visits will typically include immunizations and a weight check, as well as other exams as needed.

For newborns, well visits include weekly or month check-ups. Monitoring at this critical time of growth can ensure that any potential issues are diagnosed early and a care plan is developed. By the age of four, most patients are moved to an annual well-visit, just like adults.


How do I prepare for my child’s well visit?

If you are transitioning your child to NGPG Pediatrics from another doctor, please bring your child’s medical records or call your former pediatrician’s office to request for records to be send to NGPG.

You may want to ask any adults that engage with your child regularly or other caretakers to share any updates on their health or development that may be worth sharing with your pediatrician. Have a list of questions for your pediatrician, especially if a parent or caretaker cannot attend the appointment.

Bring any paperwork that you need the doctor to sign off on. If your child’s school requires that your doctor sign a special form on vaccinations or school physicals, be sure to bring that along with you to your appointment.

How often are child well visits?

Before your child’s first birthday, you can expect to schedule a well child visit every month to three months. These visits will help ensure that your child is developing appropriately, receiving recommended immunizations and getting certain critical health screenings.

During the second year, you may see your pediatrician for a well child visit every three to six months. Around three or four years old, your child will transition to annual well child visits.

What is included in a child well visit?

Well child visits vary based on the age of your child and any conditions they may have. Generally, these visits include:

  • Screenings and developmental monitoring – these are particularly important in infancy
  • Immunizations
  • Educational information on the health and well-being of your child
  • Chronic illness management, if needed
  • If needed, physicals for school or sports
How much does a child well visit cost?

The cost of child well visits vary based on the type of insurance your child has. Learn more about the types of insurance we take, and please call our NGPG offices directly to discuss an estimate for your child’s pediatric office visits.

Why Choose NGPG Pediatrics?

Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Pediatrics offers high quality comprehensive care and ongoing developmental care for children. Our board-certified pediatricians are compassionate and have deep expertise at providing care and identifying any issues or developmental delays.

As one of the largest physicians groups in the state, connected with Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s wider network of care, we ensure that your child has access to specialty care should they need it in order to diagnose or care for any health challenges identified along the way.

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