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The World Health Organization, along with numerous medical and scientific societies, recognize that obesity is a chronic disease. Obesity is progressive in nature and is the result of a mix of environmental and genetic factors.  No longer considered a cosmetic issue caused by overeating and lack of self-control, obesity is a health issue and due to its progressive nature, obesity requires life-long treatment, control and education.

Helpful Tools & Resources

Aftercare Program & Support

The comprehensive weight loss program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center offers care and support customized to each patient’s needs. Our multidisciplinary team approach comprises of education and training, support programs and access to a team of expert bariatric specialists.

Bariatric Seminars

At NGPG Bariatrics, we offer two tracks to help patients take their first step in their weight loss journey. You can choose to either attend a free, no obligation in-person meeting or watch our online seminar to learn more about obesity and the treatment options available to you.

Medical Weight Loss Consultations

Click here to learn what you can expect at your first consulation.

BMI Calculator

Use NGPG’s BMI Calculator to estimate your body fat. BMI is a common measure to determine if you are considered obese and is a good gauge for your risk of health issues that often occur with increased body fat.

Payment Options 

Learn more about the payment and financing options available at NGPG. We understand this is a costly service and we want to help educate patients on their options based on their individual needs.

Videos & Resources

What better way to learn than from our patients and providers? NGPG provides patient testimonials, informational videos and articles to help patients learn more about their weight loss options.