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Non-Surgical Weight Loss

NGPG Bariatric & Metabolic Institute is one of the region's only weight loss center to offer both surgical and non-surgical weight loss options.

As a comprehensive weight-loss center in Gainesville and Braselton, the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute understands that surgery, while a valuable tool for many, is not the right weight-loss solution for everyone. With that in mind, we offer multiple non-surgical weight loss options.

Treatment Options

At NGPG, we are confident that have the right solution for you and your unique needs. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts are here to help guide you throughout your weight loss journey. Our non-surgical weight loss options include:

  • A customized Medical Weight Loss Program designed by our Medical Bariatrician.  Our licensed weight loss specialists will work closely with you to design an individualized treatment plan for optimal results.  
  • OptiFast Program, our clinically proven and medically monitored meal replacement system. Patients will receive meal packages, education and ongoing support through your weight loss journey.
  • NGPG is proud to offer the non-invasive Intragastric Balloon Procedure, as it's one-of-a-kind non-surgical weight loss option with real results.

Meet Our Medical Bariatrician

Dr. Jyoti Manekar, Bariatrician at NGPG, is a licensed physician with special training in the medical treatment of obesity and the co-morbidities often associated with obesity.  

Dr. Manekar's goal is not just helping patients achieve weight loss, but to improve their quality of life, prevent weight loss related complications and to decrease existing complications (or co-morbidities) due to obesity.

Get Started

To request an appointment or to learn more about our non-surgical weight loss options with proven results, call 770-848-9160 or complete the short form on this page.