The OPTIFAST® Program

Unlike other weight loss products, OPTIFAST® is a complete program designed to support you along your weight journey. Patients have lost twice as much weight than with diets alone. Clinically proven, OPTIFAST® has been effective in over 80 clinical studies and has helped more than a million people reach weight loss success for over 40 years.

The OPTIFAST® difference is real. As a medically monitored weight management program built on providing ongoing support from obesity specialists, our team at NGPG works closely with you to measure your progress and help you achieve your goal of better health.

The OPTIFAST® Program works because it treats the whole you – not just your weight. Patients who have lost weight with OPTIFAST®, have also experienced improvements in their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose as well as other obesity-related medical conditions. At NGPG, you’ll be given the support, counseling and lifestyle education to help you enjoy long-term weight loss while significantly reducing weight-related health risks.

OPTIFAST® is not just another diet plan— it’s an evidenced-based, comprehensive weight management program that combines important resources to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 

  • Meal replacement products
    To help limit your caloric intake while providing complete nutrition
  • Medical supervision
    Through specialists at NGPG Bariatric and Metaboilic Institute we will make sure you lose weight safely
  • Comprehensive lifestyle education
    To help you maintain a healthy weight through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes
  • Expert counseling
    For personalized support and advice
  • Ongoing personalized support
    To help ensure long-term success

The OPTIFAST® Program Phases

Assessment: You begin the program with a comprehensive interview and physical exam to help personalize goals and expectations based on the program that you enroll in.

Active Weight Loss: During this phase, your diet will consist of OPTIFAST meal replacement products and you will receive individual nutrition and behavior change classes with a Register Dietitian with both programs and will receive medical monitoring by our physician if choosing the Full Program.

Transition: Self-prepared foods are gradually reintroduced into your diet as you continue with NGPG’s professionally guided lifestyle education sessions.

Long-Term Management: You will be able to participate in ongoing support and education sessions, with NGPG, aimed at helping you manage your weight long term.

Get Started Today

NGPG Bariatric and Metabolic Institute is offering two program options:

  1. Full Program: lasts 18 weeks
  2. Partial Program: lasts 6 – 12 weeks

For more information regarding the program, please contact us for a free consultation by calling 770-219-9200 or by completing the online form to the right of this page.