Vertigo is a sensation of movement, often of spinning when a person is holding still. When vertigo is severe, it can cause problems with balance and movement. While not a condition in and of itself, vertigo can be a symptom of neurological or inner ear problems. If you experience vertigo often or for long periods, consult with your doctor.

What causes vertigo?

Vertigo can be caused by many conditions of the ear and nervous system, for example:

  • Inner ear infections (labyrinthitis)
  • Migraine
  • Inflammation of nerves of the ear
  • Sensitivity to certain head positions/movements
  • Some medications
  • Some kinds of head injury
  • Multiple sclerosis
How is vertigo treated?

Vertigo is primarily treated by addressing the underlying condition causing the vertigo. Mild cases of vertigo often resolve quickly without treatment.

Depending on the cause of your vertigo, your doctor may recommend therapeutic exercises or antihistamine medications to address the vertigo symptom directly.

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