Pre-surgical Evaluation

Pre-operative Screening Starts with Thorough Exam Documenting

  • Full medical history (including physical examination by your surgeon)
  • Number of years trying conservative therapy 
  • Formal weight loss programs attempted
  • Thorough diet history, eating habits and eating tendencies
  • Previous use of diet medications
  • Level of routine exercise or ability for physical activity

Required Consultants

After the initial evaluation by your surgeon, all potential patients will meet with a registered dietitian. Emphasis on the post-operative bariatric diet is of the utmost importance – not only in what you eat, but also how to eat, when to eat and why not to eat certain things.

Another necessary consult involves a psychological evaluation by a trained, licensed professional. During this consultation, a unique history is obtained to ensure that potential patients have the capacity to understand fully the magnitude of commitment that bariatric surgery requires for a good outcome.

Potential Consultants

In addition, depending on active medical issues and current health related complaints, other consultants will help in evaluating patients including:

  • Cardiologist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Endocrinology consult
  • Exercise physiologist

Potential Pre-operative Procedures

In the work-up for bariatric surgery, all patients with symptoms of reflux or undergoing gastric bypass will have an upper endoscopy. Generally, colonoscopies are not routinely performed, but are done if necessary from a general surgical standpoint.

Education on Bariatrics

Knowledge is the key to a successful outcome in bariatric surgery.  All potential patients knowledge of bariatric surgery will be demonstrated by a pre-operative knowledge based exam. In order to assure that patients fully understand all the details of the surgery, risks, benefits, post-operative diet and behavioral modifications, they must have a passing score on this exam in order to proceed with any surgery.  Educational resources to prepare for the exam include:

  • FREE surgical weight loss seminars (mandatory for all patients)
  • Optional lectures provided by the bariatric coordinator
  • Patient Manual
  • Additional materials are available upon request

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