What To Expect After Bariatric Surgery

All patients will be admitted into the hospital. On the night of surgery, patients are closely monitored, receive special medicines for pain control, and undergo respiratory exercises to help prevent pulmonary issues. Patients are not allowed to have anything by mouth on the night of surgery.

In the morning after surgery, patients will receive a swallow study (x-rays) to rule out any leaks or issues with the gastric pouch, anastomosis, or bowel configuration. Labs will also be checked. If everything looks okay, patients will be started on their Stage I Bariatric Diet, started on oral pain medicines, and have their foley catheter removed.

The second day after the surgery, if the morning labs are okay, patients are tolerating their Stage I Bariatric diet, vitals are stable, and patients are able to ambulate well, the patients are then discharged home from the hospital.

Post-surgical Follow up Schedule

  • 1 week post surgery– Office visit with surgeon to check wounds
  • 6 weeks post surgery – Office visit to check progress of the patient’s diet and routine exercise schedule
  • First year post surgery– Patient’s will have an office visit with the surgeon every 3 months
  • Second year post surgery– Patient’s will have an office visit with the surgeon every 6 months
  • After the second year– Patient’s will have an office visit with the surgeon annually

The Keys to Long-term Weight Loss

  • Sticking to the post-operative bariatric diet, especially paying close attention to liquid calories.
  • Behavioral modifications. Changing your lifestyle to increase physical activity and to include routine, regularly scheduled exercise.
  • Regularly scheduled appointments with the surgeon.  This is especially important in the first year after surgery and is crucial to successful weight loss.
  • Support by family and friends. By taking the journey together, the transition and process is easier and more likely to work.

Download information about the importance of routine exercise post surgery.

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