Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Dr. Nguyen discusses Metabolic vs. Bariatric Surgery

Principles of How Bariatric Surgery Works

Various bariatric procedures will use either one or both of the following methods to help people lose weight.

Restriction- Using this method, a small stomach pouch is created. After surgery, when people eat, the stomach holds less food before digestion occurs, therefore, they feel full quicker and stop eating sooner. They will also feel less hungry the longer this pouch stays distended. Generally, people will eat less because of the pouch, take in less calories to be absorbed and ultimately lose weight.


Malabsorption- Using this method, the small bowel is bypassed delaying the mixing of the digestive juices and food. When they finally mix, the length of small bowel effectively absorbing calories is shorter, therefore, less calories are absorbed and people lose the weight.

All bariatric procedures have a degree of restriction, but only the gastric bypass and biliopancreatic duodenal switch utilize malabsorption.

Bariatric Surgical Weight Loss Procedures


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